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This most basic part of practice can sometimes be the most important.  Core vaccinations - West Nile Virus, Tetanus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, and Rabies, protect against deadly diseases which can infect even isolated horses. Additional inoculations are tailored to the needs of the individual horse. Seeing your horse at least once a year also gives us a chance to evaluate his body condition and overall health.



We offer services to assist the breeder throughout the entire process, including folllicle checks, assessment and treatment of reproductive tract pathologies, artificial insemination (fresh cooled semen), pregnancy diagnosis/ultrasound, twin reduction, and neonatal and post-partum exams.  We will be there if your mare needs assistance with delivery (which, thankfully, most don't).

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Lameness Evaluations

Lameness work ups must address the entire horse.  We use diagnostic blocks, digital radiography, and ultrasound to localize and image the problem area, while also looking at factors like body condition, conformation, conditioning, and systemic disorders which can affect your horse's soundness and ability to perform.  Treatment, likewise, consists of a plan which addresses both the current problem and underlying contributing factors.


Upper Airway Endoscopy

A small diameter flexible fiber optic scope allows us to visualize the nasal passages, larynx, trachea, and gutteral pouches to aid in the diagnosis of breathing abnormalities and upper respiratory infections.

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Advances in nutrition, dentistry, and medicine have contributed to longer, happier lives for our equine companions.  Older horses are a huge part of our demographic, with many working into their twenties and living into their thirties.  Our care of these patients incorporates a focus on nutritional needs, pain management for the wear and tear of old age, and screening for and managing diseases such as PPID (cushings), in order to maximize both the length and the quality of their lives.


24 Hour Emergency Coverage

We offer 24 hour emergency care for your horse.  Emergency Pager: (802) 742-0012

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Digital Coggins and Health Certificates

Never forget or lose your health papers again!  Digital coggins forms and health certificates are clear, legible and accurate – containing pictures of your horse instead of drawings on a diagram- and can be stored in your phone or retrieved at any time through “Global Vet Link” Access coggins and health certificates at global vet link.

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Dental care should be a regular part of every horse's routine maintenance.  Most horses, including youngsters, require floating every year. A thorough oral exam will alert us to loose or damaged teeth and signs of endodontal disease.  Our powered dental float allows for precise and easy removal of sharp points and hooks, and reduction of overgrown teeth.

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We offer surgeries that are appropriate for a field setting, such as routine castrations, wound repair, skin grafting, and removals of lumps, bumps, and tumors.



Microchips are currently required for horses competing at USEF Hunter/Jumper shows and horses being registered with the FEI.  A microchip provides the security of permanent, unalterable identification of your horse.

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As many as 60% of performance horses have gastric ulcers.  While the numbers may be lower, pleasure horses are also affected.  Visualizing the stomach through our 3 meter digital gastroscope allows us to diagnose the presence, location, and severity of gastric ulcers, and to monitor response to therapy.

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