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24 Hour Emergency Coverage

We provide 24/7 emergency coverage for our patients. Please call our office at 603-876-4820 or pager at 802-742-0012 in the event of an emergency.


Some emergencies are obvious, like a laceration or a colic, but there are many other conditions that may need to be seen right away.  A swollen, tearing eye, a high fever, a horse that is non weight-bearing on one leg, or refuses to move, all of these warrant a call to the emergency number. Whether we need to come out immediately, or we feel we can advise you over the phone, it's important to call right away if something seems wrong. There's nothing worse than to see a case that would have had a far better outcome had it been seen sooner!  

Please remember when you call the emergency number to start your message with your name and your phone number.  Sometimes understandably anxious clients will leave detailed messages about their horses, only to be cut off before they can leave a phone number.  Also remember that we use pagers, which are more reliable in many spots than our cell phones, but they are not infallible. If you don't hear from us within 15 minutes, we probably didn't get the page.  Please call back!

In the rare case that neither Dr. Sullivan nor Dr. Graham are available, our office answering machine and Facebook page will have information for local equine veterinarians covering our practice.  



Emergency services are provided to our active clients in good financial standing. Active clients have an established veterinary-client-patient-relationship and have had wellness or routine (non-emergency) care provided in the last 12 months. We do not guarantee emergency service for inactive or new clients. This allows us to prioritize established clients when our staff and resources are limited and it reduces the burden of emergency duty on our dedicated veterinarians.

Emergency Fee Schedule :

Daytime hours emergency fee:$175

After hours emergency fee: $250

Late night emergency fee: $300

Emergency consult (phone): $35 (to be deducted from ER fee if we determine medical attention is necessary.)

Active clients in good financial standing will receive a $100 discount from the above fees as a thank you for valuing our relationship.

We strongly recommend that all of our clients have an emergency plan that includes trailer access.

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